A universe of waterfalls, tropical forests, raw emotions, birds of paradise, sensuality, vivid imagination, travel and introspection. The trill of flutes, a multitude of warm traditional instruments, such as the ones used in Maloya, and an omnipresent growl of synthesizers depict this lustrous landscape. EMB imagines music without boundaries, mirroring the image of universal and intersectional fights. 

Exposing a vast palette of themes that spand from ecological matters to the fight of woman’s equality, Dilo’s musical production remains eclectic and wholesome. Drummer in the heart, it is without saying the magic of playing with rhythm transpires in this project, however it is the rhythmical cycle and the instrumental and vocal timbres that ray in the mix. 

Eat my butterfly is profoundly moving and in perpetual evolution. Not one live concert ressembles another, arrangements and instruments can vary thus provoking a special interaction with fans and listeners worldwide. EMB doesn’t hesitate to share the stage with other talented artists, promoting live improvisation, creation and constant exploration.

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